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Design Team Agenda Items

This page contains a variety of agenda items that were discussed by the the Design Team in their online and off-line discussions. The list was created by the Moderator on a continuous basis, sometimes reflecting where he expected the conversations would (or should) go, and partly in reaction that the deliberations of the Design Team during the course of the four months. The list below is as it existed at the conclusion of the Design Team’s work, and is offered not as a cohesive document, but as a historical record of a part of the process. It is offered as insight into how the process worked, and as a reflection of some of the issues that were confronted, debated, sometimes incorporated, and sometimes dismissed.

* * * * *

Lay out the Design Team virtual meeting process leading up to World Judiciary Summit 2014

Discuss and review resources on the website

Review WCHR Statute, current draft (see website)


“Triggering” number of signatory nation states?

Collaboration of nation state Judiciaries

Memorandum of Understanding?

Ongoing parallel systems?

If so, how will they be different?

How will the WCHR’s Justices be selected?


Amenability to reappointment

Filling of prematurely-vacated terms

Distribution of “justiceships” among global regions

Under what circumstances, if any, will the Justices sit in panels (of 3…of 5)?

Under what circumstances, if any, will the Justices sit in plenary session?

Review website updates

Review Tri-fold and 2 videos (time permitting)

Exhaustion of national remedies?

Exhaustion of other human rights judicial remedies (e.g., regional HR cou

Discuss selected quotations from Lucknow 2013

What remedies should be within the authority of the WCHR?

Decision on the question of whether a human rights violation has occurred

If a violation has occurred, prescribed corrective actions

Party status

Claims by Individual(s) against Nations

How will “class actions” be managed?

Contentious versus advisory jurisdiction

Substantive law to be applied

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Other UN human rights conventions and structures

Other human rights jurisprudence generally

Analogize Article 38 of the International Court of Justice

Business plan of the WCHR

Financing the WCHR

Location of the WCHR

Circulate/Discuss draft of Statute

Discuss process for presenting proposal and seeking endorsement vote at WJS – 2014

Face-to-face meeting in Lucknow at the 15th Annual World Judiciary Summit